Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

We use fast AWS cloud based servers for hosting, giving you the very best response rate for your websites.

Power your website on the fastest WordPress hosting for businesses, Increase site traffic and conversion rates with lightning-fast load times, world-class security, and a better website experience for customers.

At UncleBTech, we aim to offer premium Managed WordPress Hosting services that deliver outstanding performance. We achieve this by leveraging the powerful combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) global servers and OpenLiteSpeed web servers. This fusion of advanced technologies ensures your websites experience top-tier response rates and exceptional performance.

AWS Global Servers for Unparalleled Speed and Stability

Using Amazon Web Services, a leading global cloud computing platform, we host your website on a vast network of data centres strategically located worldwide. The choice of the data centre for hosting your website is often determined by the geographical location of your target audience, ensuring the data doesn’t have to travel far to reach the user. This greatly reduces latency, enabling your website to respond swiftly to user requests and deliver a seamless user experience.

In addition, AWS offers exceptional stability and redundancy. Its robust infrastructure is built to handle virtually any scale of demand, ensuring your site remains accessible and performs optimally even during peak traffic periods.

OpenLiteSpeed Webservers for Enhanced Performance

OpenLiteSpeed is an open-source, high-performance web server that’s renowned for its speed, security, and scalability. When hosting WordPress sites, we use OpenLiteSpeed due to its exceptional ability to handle thousands of concurrent connections with minimal memory usage and CPU consumption.

OpenLiteSpeed also includes a server-level cache, a feature that significantly accelerates WordPress performance. By storing static copies of your pages, it drastically reduces server processing time, allowing your website to load at lightning speeds. Moreover, it’s directly compatible with popular WordPress caching plugins for even better performance optimization.

Combining AWS’s global reach and reliability with OpenLiteSpeed’s lightning-fast and secure web servers, UncleBTech’s Managed WordPress Hosting is designed to give you the very best response rate for your websites. Our goal is to ensure that your website not only impresses visitors with its speed and stability but also provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience that keeps them coming back.

Standard Web Hosting Features

Everything You’ll Need

Domain Included *

1 free domain included


EU Cookies Law Pluging Pre-installed

Attack Protection

Brute Force Attack Protection

Fully Responsive Theme

Fully Responsive Theme

Payment Gateway

Stripe Payment Integration

Down Time

Down Time Monitoring

Built-In Caching

Built-In Caching


WooCommerce Plugin Pre-installed

AWS Server

AWS Cloud Server


Free SSL Certificate

Admin Security

Admin Security Plugings Pre-installed

Migration Support

Migration Support


Mobile Administration Application


Site Backup Plugings Pre-installed

Technical Support

Technical Support


CDN Integration


Jetpack Plugin Pre-installed

WP Builder

WP Builder Plugin Pre-installed


Lazy Load Images

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Managed Services Features

These Standard Features Comes with All the Packages

AWS Cloud Server

We only use London based Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. AWS is the world’s leading and most comprehensive and adopted cloud platform. Our servers are optimised for high performance with super fast SSD drives and we use Cloudwatch to monitor performance and get other actionable insights for monitoring to keep your site running smoothly.

Built for WordPress

For your WordPress website and much more when you sign up to one of our hosting packages. Perfect if you are new to WordPress or even if you are a seasoned developer. Experience an increase in performance boost with Openlite Speed, LSCache for WordPress and native SAPI for PHP allowing external applications to run up to 50% FASTER!

Built-in Caching

To work faster is not to do the work that doesn’t need doing. Built-in-full-page cache feature improves response times and reduces the load on the server. Without caching, each page may need to run blocks of code again to retrieve data from the database. However, with this feature, data is fetched quickly from the cache. This feature included as standard.

SSL and more!

Features include SSL Certificate, Web Application Firewall, PHP File Changer, Anti DDoS, Bandwidth Throttlling, ModeSecurity integration and much more. We provide all of these to protect your website against the vast majority of common attacks and to keep your data safe. You won’t find anyone offering all this in one place!


If you already have a WordPress webite with another hosting provider and would like to move to us, great! We can help with the full migration of your website ensuring you experience no downtime. We’ll be there to support you throughout the process. Let’s get your website running faster and more secure!

Wordpress Site Builder

We provide a market leading drag and drop WordPress page builder tool to help create websites easily. It is perfect if you are a beginner or an experienced developer as it will allow you to build amazing looking websites without worrying about coding. With access to hundreds of beautiful themes, you are sure to find your perfect design for your website.

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