WordPress Managed Hosting Pro

From: £50.00 / month


Get 2 months FREE with our yearly plan.

Step up your website with UncleBTech’s WordPress Managed Hosting Pro. At £50.00 per month, this solution provides a powerful and responsive hosting environment for businesses ready to expand their online presence.

This plan includes 2GB memory, 1 vCPU, and 60GB of SSD storage, which can smoothly handle up to 45K monthly page views. Hosted on a standalone AWS VPS, you’ll benefit from dedicated resources, rapid load times, and enhanced performance.

Our Pro plan extends to more than 10 global server locations for high-speed site access. It also supports Google Analytics, SSL Certificates, LS Cache, and Cloudflare CDN to optimize your website’s functionality and security.

The Pro Plan is eCommerce-ready, perfect for businesses keen on online sales. It also includes critical features like free website migration, a staging area for testing, weekly backups, and unlimited support.

Our robust security measures such as Firewall and DDoS protection, automatic DB optimisation, downtime monitoring, and unique self-healing technology, ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Choose UncleBTech’s WordPress Managed Hosting Pro, and let our experts handle your website’s technical aspects as you focus on growing your business.

Memory 2GB
vCPU 1
SSD Storage 60GB
Monthly Page Views 45K
AWS Shared -
Standalone AWS VPS Y
Global Locations 10+ Y
Google Analytics Y
SSL Certificate Y
LS Cache Y
Cloudflare CDN Y
Firewall and DDoS Y
eCommerce Y
Website Migration* Y
Staging Area Y
Self Healing Technology Y
Automatic DB Optimisation Y
Downtime Monitoring Y
Unlimited Support Y
Weekly Backup Y